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Hello buddies! Today I want talk about a new web, a new experience, today I am here to talk about www.westegg.co , is a site where you can participate uploading your photo with the products. This products are sold in this page. Here, you can found brands like Diesel,Givenchy or Timex ( for example).

You should log in with your instagram account and after they upload your photo with your product at the website.

An example: 


 This website count with 92 brands what you can choose to buy products:


Westegg contains differents categories of product: watches, sunglasses, bags, ties, jewelery, scarves, earrings , bracelet, wallets , necklaces, and other kinds of accesories.




On this web , you can found "best picture" , they choose the best pictures on uploaded on Instagram and then they upload this pictures at the web. They do promotions suggest and outfits.

On WestEgg.co you can found help to dress, you can watch fashion looks, trends ,you buy your favorite products to create your perfect look ,then upload photo to Instagram for get your goal: To become a model on the website.

The best of this is the prices, westegg is very cheap, all products are cheaper than you can imagine.

Men and women can buy in westegg, and to become a new member of this experience. 

Try the page and if you have some doubt contact with them  with this e-mail : info@westegg.co . 

"Westegg.co is an oppotunitie to become a model and get cheaper products"


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